Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Have Gone Windowless! Bye, Bye Microsoft and Hello Ubuntu!

Today we've switched all of our computers over from the horrid Windows Vista over to Ubuntu 9.04. So far everything is amazing. The interface is nice and Ubuntu is very fast! Windows Vista was a behemoth! I will admit, at first I liked Windows Vista with its sleek interface and comfortable feel. But after the honeymoon, everything went downhill. It booted slowly, the interface was cumbersome, and explorer began to crash repeatedly. I'm so happy to finally be rid of Windows.

Ubuntu is a free open source operating system, and it comes with great software like Open Office (A comparable suite to Microsoft Office, except it is completely free). Microsoft did such a good job of cornering the market when it comes to getting their Windows software and office programs on new computers, but this change is certainly worth it. We are now completely off of Windows, and not a single crash yet! Windows Explorer would crash at least 6 times a day while doing various activities. Well, no more! Goodbye Windows, and good bye Microsoft. No more money mongering corporation in this computer.

We don't need Windows, we don't need Microsoft, and say no to 7! (Windows 7 for those that aren't in the know.)
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