Thursday, July 9, 2009

Traffic Report Update For Goals:

The numbers are looking a little more promising. This week we've experienced a nearly 22% increase in traffic which is very nice. This is due in part to a more steady flow of traffic from Google and Yahoo. I thought Bing was going to be a lot more friendly but it has run dry for us for the past week or so.

The Hubpage articles have been receiving a large amount of traffic lately. Much of the new traffic is attributed to Google which has caught up with referrals from the Hubpages community itself! This was very surprising as we expected the most traffic to come from Hubpages. Yahoo has played a slight role in the Hubpage traffic, but surprisingly popped up as well. We've never really used that search engine, but out of gratitude for the traffic we may need to start.

Across our Various Blogs Special Her has gotten the second largest % increase in traffic, while U.S. Elephant got the highest percentage increase in the last week. We've refocused our writing for Debris Central as it began to deviate. It has now been refocused to specifically provide survival information and tips. For this blog we are trying to provide more detailed information that will hopefully give good tips to new webmasters, and bloggers alike. That's all for today.
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