Thursday, July 16, 2009

Traffic Update: Google Is Cranking

The page view count is up 22.6% which is surprisingly consistent. It exceeded all expectations that traffic could maintain a 20%+ growth. While this growth is nice to see it is beginning to look like the 10,000 page view goal may have been too lofty. Either way, we will continue forward and try our hardest to reach this goal. The biggest mover and shaker has been Google. Google has provided a ton of traffic in the last two weeks and has exceeded all of our other traffic sources.

Twitter will get an honorable mention as Twitter has provided very consistent traffic (not large amounts but a consistent small amount). This has helped to keep a steady pace. We have collaborated with a great online tool to help feed all of our new posts directly to Twitter in an automated fashion. I'll write another post about that entirely! Hubpages has been very good to us. Our articles have been performing well and are maintaining very steady traffic.

Our eHow articles are picking up in traffic, but are still very modest in the amounts they receive. Unfortunately, eHow doesn't offer very much in the way of reporting so pulling useful data is still basically impossible. The various blogs are doing well, they are still inconsistent, but this is most likely due to a lack of content (as they are basically new blogs) and they probably are not very high in the search results. This will hopefully remedy in time, but we won't hold our breath.
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